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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This website functions as a booking platform for services provided by the following companies;

  • Freestyle Soccer Academy Ltd
  • Freestyle Team Fundamentals Ltd
  • Freestyle uDance Ltd
  • Freestyle Dodgeball UK ltd
  • Freestyle Holiday Camps Ltd

The companies above have agreed upon the following terms and conditions.

Terms & conditions


Freestyle – The company providing the service selected by the customer


The company you are entering an agreement with will be disclosed in the event description.

Once the booking has been completed and submitted, direct debit mandate and initial payment received you will receive email confirmation to the email address you have provided.

Your booking is not complete until you receive email confirmation.

Before completing a booking, please ensure your child meets the conditions applicable to the service set out on this website.

If you book a term time club, and then request to cancel before the start date of club, you will not be held to a 4 session paid notice period. However, you will incur a £10 administrative fee.


Freestyle accepts debit and most credit cards to facilitate upfront and once off online payments.

Freestyle uses GoCardless to facilitate all Direct Debit payments. Direct Debits will only last for the duration specified at checkout.


Freestyle will not refund the costs of any service, subscription or booking missed by the customer for any reason.

If any booking is cancelled by Freestyle and we cannot provide a reasonable alternative or reschedule then we will issue the customer a full refund for the specific event cancelled.

Customers can cancel direct debit memberships with Freestyle at any given time throughout the agreed period by contacting our office. The cost of 4 club events will be charged at this point as a cancellation notice period. The customer can still attend the clubs during this period.

Should Freestyle be unable to deliver the service due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. schools closing due to COVID-19, our normal service will be replaced by online tutorials.

Freestyle reserves the right to remove any children deemed disruptive from the course.

Manual bookings

All telephone, paper or walk in bookings are subject to a £2.50 offline booking charge. This will be added to the price at the time of booking and will be advised to the customer.

Health & safety 

A full risk assessment will be carried out before any activity takes place at a new venue. All Freestyle professional representatives hold a current Emergency Aid Certificate.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are providing consent for Freestyle professionals to administer all necessary first aid to your child as required at any time.

Freestyle cannot be held responsible and do not accept any responsibility for any loss of or damage/injury to a person or property in connection with these sessions.

All medical conditions of participants attending Freestyle events must be fully disclosed either in writing at the time of booking or in writing and handed to the Freestyle representative.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure appropriate clothing is worn and/or available for their child for the activity being undertaken.

Child Protection

All Freestyle professional representatives hold current Safeguarding and Enhanced DBS check certification and have completed disqualification by association disclaimers.

If a child makes an abuse related disclosure, or a member of staff believes that the child is suffering from abuse, we will act in accordance with our child protection policy, a copy of which is available on request.


Freestyle may from time to time take photographs/film of any Freestyle activity. The use of these is solely for promoting and publicising Freestyle through relevant literature, website, press and TV.

Parents/guardians that do not wish for their child to be photographed/filmed must make Freestyle aware of this at the time of booking or in writing before the activity starts (where possible Freestyle will inform parents/guardians at the start of an activity when filming is planned).

Personal property

Freestyle cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings whilst attending Freestyle events. No electronic tablets, mobile phones or recording devices are permitted to be used during attendance of any event.


The information on this site is updated regularly. However, we hereby exclude any warranties (whether expressed or implied) as to the quality, accuracy, efficacy, completeness, performance, and fitness for a particular purpose of the site.

These Terms and Conditions form the entire agreement between you and Freestyle.

By completing a booking with Freestyle you are acknowledging your full acceptance of these terms and conditions and confirm that you have not relied on any other representation other than those contained within these terms and conditions.

If any term within these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable by a competent Court then such term shall be struck out but the remaining terms within these terms and conditions shall continue in force to the full extent permitted by law.

These terms and conditions are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

We can only guarantee a place for customers who have booked in advance.

Customers who arrive at the activity without making a booking may be turned away.

If you wish to write to us for any reason, you are able to do some by writing to our registered address of:

31 Humfrey Lane,

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